NFR Activities

NFR has shared the financial benefits of its Turtle Watch nature tourism initiative with rest of the Rekawa community members. Some of the contributions of NFR towards the community services are listed below.

  • Renovation of Rekawa bus stand and establishment of a notice board (Rs. 30,804)
  • Support given to Rekawa Jayamaha Viharaya, the Buddhist temple (Rs. 373,950)
  • Financial support given to the medically ill patients in Rekawa (Rs. 155,000)
  • Village chanting (gam pirith), sponsoring sports events, beach cleaning, village cleaning, sponsoring new year events, musical shows etc. (Rs. 178,000)
  • Sponsoring for uniforms for the kids of “Pubudu” primary school in Rekawa (Rs. 97,900)
  • Financial support given to funeral houses in Rekawa (Rs. 335,350)

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