Join Us

NFR’s volunteer programme has been designed with the idea of increasing the capacity of the NFR and improving the overall success of the Rekawa community based turtle conservation project activities.

The volunteer programme not only benefits the project outcomes but also the volunteer himself/herself, would gain lots of knowledge and skills on various topics related to the issues of marine and coastal, covering a broad range of ecosystems and habitats. Where it is necessary, volunteers are provided with training by qualified professionals on the subjects related to marine and coastal conservation.

Being a volunteer at NFR offers you a wide range of activities that suit each individual. They may be basically required to perform the following activities,

  • Identify all species of sea turtles that visit Rekawa beach.
  • Participate in beach monitoring patrols.
  • Participate in any NFR research and surveys
  • Support project administration and management activities.
  • Promote and participate in turtle watch programme.

Please contact NFR if you are interested in joining us.

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