Nature Friends of Rekawa (NFR)

Rekawa is a small fishing village located on the Southern coast of Sri Lanka, approximately 10 kilometres eastwards along the coast from Tangalle in Hambantota District. It is located on the border of the intermediate and dry climatic zones of Sri Lanka, and borders on a large saline lagoon surrounded by extensive mangrove forests. As Rekawa is located between two climatic zones, the area is rich in biodiversity. Five species of sea turtles come ashore to nest on the beaches of Sri Lanka and all these five species are nested in Rekawa. In addition to the turtles, there is a wide range of other coastal fauna and flora such as coral reefs, marine algae, sea grasses, reef fish, crustaceans, echinodermates, molluscs, annelids, hydrozoans, holothurians and arthropods found in Rekawa.

Nature Friends of Rekawa (NFR) is a Community Based Organization (CBO) that consist local Turtle Nest Protectors in Rekawa. Members of the NFR conducts 24/7 beach patrols to protect the turtle nests In-situ and also they conduct “Turtle Watch” nature tourism programme as their main source of income to sustain this community driven sea turtle conservation project.